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No Insurance? How Telemedicine Cuts Down on Your Medical Costs

By Dr. Sherri L. Dehaas

No Insurance? How Telemedicine Cuts Down on Your Medical Costs


Choosing between basic daily necessities and medical insurance is a very real problem for many Americans.  Healthcare expenses are usually out of pocket, which can cause havoc for an individual or family with a relatively strict budget.  While there are an increasing number of assistance programs available to those who can’t afford insurance or co-payments, there is another option that shouldn’t be ignored: telemedicine. Following are three simple ways virtual doctor visits can save you money.


Pay Less Per Visit


While the price of an in-person doctor visit varies from physician to physician and state to state, a secret shopper study led by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health revealed that the average cost of a new uninsured patient appointment is $160. Telemedicine visits can significantly reduce that expense with a typical 10-15 minute virtual consult being between $40 and $50. This allows you to get the care you need for less.


Get Treatment Early


If you’re like most Americans without insurance, you’ll delay healthcare, diagnose and treat yourself, or neglect your condition altogether. The problem with any of these approaches is that an incorrect diagnosis or failure to seek treatment can lead to bigger medical problems and bigger medical bills. The last thing anyone with zero medical coverage wants is for something as simple as a persistent cough to turn into life-threatening pneumonia that requires hospitalization. Telemedicine ensures you have access to professional help as early as possible so that treatment can begin promptly.


Avoid the Emergency Room


An ER visit can cost upwards of $1200. In many cases, these visits are completely avoidable. Telemedicine physicians are not only available 24/7/365, but they’re also able to diagnose and prescribe medications for a wide variety of minor ailments. This means there’s no need for you to rush to an urgent care facility or emergency room with a urinary tract infection or flu on weekends or holidays.



Besides cutting medical costs, telemedicine can save you additional financial worry by eliminating the need to take leave from work. You also don’t have to spend money traveling to and from the doctor. Ultimately, it’s the smart way to get the healthcare you need when you’re strapped for cash.  As a bonus, you get to choose the physician who treats you.




Have you tried telemedicine before? Share your experience in the comment box below and let us know how it helped you save money. If you’re in need of care, be sure to book an appointment through My Virtual Doctor today.



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