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Why Choose My Virtual Doctor?

With My Virtual Doctor, you can stop worrying about your prescription drug costs. We help individuals with limited financial resources obtain their brand name prescription medication at a price they can afford.

Prescription Assistance Programs are extremely complicated. Applications must be completed accurately in order to be approved. Our highly trained Personal Health Advocates will properly fill out and submit each individual application, cutting approval times to approximately three weeks

Your Personal Health Advocate will be in constant contact with the pharmaceutical company to ensure that your Prescription Assistance Application is moving forward. Your Personal Health Advocate will assist them with anything they need regarding your approval.

Once qualified, our dedicated team will monitor and maintain all refills, guaranteeing you will never be without your medication.

Medication List

We have access to over 1,500 FDA-approved brand-name medications. Even if you are taking a generic, we may be able to get you the brand-name equivalent.


The More You Know

"Most people taking Rx drugs say they can afford their treatment, but about 1 in 4, or 25%, have a difficult time affording their medicine." Source: Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking Poll

"Not surprisingly, people with low incomes, older adults and those suffering with chronic conditions that require multiple medications face the greatest economic burden. These patients also tend to take less of their medication than has been prescribed due to cost concerns. In fact, uninsured adults and their families are twice as likely as insured adults to underuse their medications in order to lower drug costs. The decision to skip or take lower doses of prescribed medicines can quickly lead to serious health complications, increased visits to the emergency department and hospitalizations, especially among patients with chronic medical conditions (e.g., asthma, heart failure, depression). "

These are programs set up by drug companies that offer free or low cost drugs to uninsured individuals who cannot afford their medication. Most brand name drugs are found in these programs. Companies offer these programs voluntarily; the government does not require them to provide free medicine.

Each program has its own rules. Some common requirements are:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or legal resident
  • Have no prescription insurance coverage
  • Meet program income guidelines

Some Patient Assistance Programs will help those who have insurance if they meet program hardship requirements or their medication is not covered by their insurance. It may help to have a letter from your insurance company stating that the medication is not covered.