Personal Health Advocates If it's health care, we can help. We are by your side every Step of the way.


My Virtual Doctor's 20% Promise

If your Personal Health Advocate does not save you at least 20% on your submitted medical bills, all membership fees charged during bill negotiations will be refunded. Minimum bill of $1,000.

What is a Health Advocate?

A Personal Health Advocate is someone that understands the complexities of the healthcare system. Our Advocates are here to support, guide, comfort, and inform you. If you have a healthcare question or concern, simply call our Advocates. They are here to help.

When selecting an advocate, it's best to:

Clearly explain the kind of help you need and your concerns.

Provide details of your medical history. You may even want to give your advocate access to your electronic health record so he or she can refer to test results or notes, ask for refills on prescription medication, and even email questions or concerns to the physician. Just make sure you provide permission for the doctor and other health care professionals to share information about you with your advocate.

Ask the advocate to take notes or even record conversations with health care professionals. (Ask for your doctor's permission before recording.)

Give your advocate's contact information to your health care team, and give your advocate your health care team's contact information.

Some of the ways your Advocate can help